Information Systems Security Policy

JobTeaser has developed, with the help of security management experts, an Information Systems Security Policy (ISSP). It follows the structure and principles of the ISO-27001 information security standard. This policy has been shared, and made available to all employees and contractors with access to JobTeaser information assets.

The Information Systems Security Policy is reviewed and updated at least every 2 years to take account of changes in:

the regulatory, organizational or technical context;
the expectations of JobTeaser's users, customers and partners;
internal security requirements;
new threats and vulnerabilities that may apply to JobTeaser's information systems.

General management commitment

JobTeaser’s Information System (IS) is a critical resource enabling JobTeaser to pursue its activities and provide its service to its customers. Ensuring the security of the Information System is a vital step in meeting a number of crucial objectives for JobTeaser:

Guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the data users, customers and partners entrust JobTeaser with, and particularly their personal data;
Ensure the continuity of the services offered to its customers and partners, in particular, the website, the Career Center platforms as well as all the other web applications provided by JobTeaser;
Establish and maintain strong trust between JobTeaser and its partners and customers, by communicating and respecting its commitments regarding the protection of their data;
Guarantee the confidentiality and the integrity of its collaborators' personal data;
Respond to regulatory and legal requirements and constraints, in France and internationally;
Ensure the continuity of JobTeaser’s activities.

For this purpose, the General Management of JobTeaser commits to allocating the means and resources in relation.

Roles and responsibilities

JobTeaser has defined the roles and organization for the management of Information Security.

The Chief Information Security Officer is responsible for defining and updating the policy and control its implementation;
The Chief Information Security Officer & Chief Technical Officer reviews the security policy and its implementation at a strategic level;
The Technical Team actively contributes to the implementation of security measures through technical means.