Asset security


JobTeaser premises are protected by individual identification badges and CCTV video-surveillance. Office access is closed before 7am and after 10pm, and during weekends.

Network security

Low-risk internal network strategy

Since most of JobTeaser employees should be able to work in mobility or remotely, the internal network used in JobTeaser’s headquarters is limited to connectivity of workstations to internet and local utility devices (i.e. printers). No critical equipment is hosted on the local network. The network is protected by an industry-standard firewall solution. All incoming traffic is forbidden by default.

This limits the risks related to network intrusions and reduce the corresponding security requirements.


Several network areas have been defined to isolate the different roles of JobTeaser staff and networked devices. In particular, printers and personal devices are associated to different network areas which are isolated from employee workstations.

Workstation security

Malware protection

All workstations are protected using an industry-standard malware protection solution.


All workstation hard-drives are fully encrypted.