GDPR compliance

JobTeaser commits to complying with French and European laws on personal data protection. We have therefore designed our platform with users’ privacy in mind.

JobTeaser sits in the center of a complex ecosystem where three types of actors interact:

  • Our partner schools and universities, to whom we offer a recruitment and guidance platform (Career Center) integrated on their intranet, in order to help their students’ professional development and improve their chances of being hired;
  • Our partner companies, to whom we provide a space to promote their brand and post Job Ads for students and young graduates. This content is published on our public website and in the Career Centers of all our partner schools and universities;
  • Students and young graduates, to whom we offer a platform in order to facilitate their professional development and hiring by companies, thanks to the different features provided by the platform. We offer dedicated content on the platform through which students, schools and recruiters can interact with each other.

JobTeaser defines the purpose and the means of the processing related to the use of the platform by the users. This processing is explained in detail in our general terms of use and our privacy policy which are accepted by our users when registering.

As data controller, JobTeaser:

  • Complies with French and European laws on personal data protection;
  • Has appointed a data protection Officer who can be contacted directly at: [email protected];
  • Keeps a registry of data processings;
  • Has set up a GDPR Committee in charge of GDPR compliance at JobTeaser;
  • Hosts the data of the platform in the European Union;
  • Conducts regular safety and GDPR compliance audits with independent third parties;
  • Continuously works to improve its practices in terms of security, which are documented in this website;
  • Annually reviews the Privacy Impact Analysis of its processing;
  • Ensures transparency to users, particularly students and young graduates, regarding the processing of their personal data carried out on the platform;
  • Evaluates its data processors on their GDPR compliance to ensure specifically that they have implemented adequate security measures.