Implementing Continuity

Disaster recovery

JobTeaser focuses on an infrastructure-as-code approach to infrastructure management, enabling a faster recovery in the event of a major disaster necessitating re-building the whole infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery Testing

The configuration for the whole and all applications is scripted. In the event of a disaster, the operations team is able to restore the platform by deploying running configuration scripts. Databases are restored automatically from their snapshots to a point in time between 0 and 24 hours from the time of the disaster. As the configurations are used every day, they are tested all the time.

Availability of services

JobTeaser is committed to a 99.8% uptime of the platform’s core features. The uptime is measured through the platform’s monitoring system. An internal system-status service is used to trace incidents and provide an additional uptime measure. History about these uptimes can be shared with customers and partners on demand.